From Murcia to Manilva

Finding a place to call home in Spain takes time and patience. Places you love to holiday in aren’t always good to live in. I started off in Murcia because I knew the destination. To be precise it was a seaside town called Los Alcazares.

Property here is cheaper than the Costa del Sol and in most cases if you are renting you only put down one months deposit not the required two in most of the Costa del Sol.

Los Alcazares was great in so many ways. San Javier airport was just 5 minutes away, Cartagena was 20 minutes up the road and the beaches were good with many Spaniards choosing this destination to spend the summer. La Zenia shopping centre up near Torrevieja was about 25 minutes away and was perfect for picking up bargains and eating out.

The bars and restaurants were friendly only getting spoilt by the wave of summer visitors that is par for the course in most of Spain. Winter was a different story. Almost all of the bars and restaurants closed during winter with a few working throughout the year for us expats. If you are still working age (the majority of the population in this are were not) then there really wasn’t too much to do other than teaching English or working in a bar/restaurant.

The move to Manilva was more calculated. Duquesa was chosen for its location, the perfect spot midway between Gibraltar and Marbella. Better work prospects in both of those areas and more importantly year round resorts.

In Manilva and its surrounding areas the average age of the population is not retirement and although there is less to do during the winter months, places are still open and there are things to do here.

I can tell I have made the right move as this year I already have more visitors booked who are keen to capitalise on the location. Myself I have a list of places to see and things to do this year to discover more of this country I now call home.


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