Why I love Spain

From tantalising tapas to long hot summers days on the beach; pretty ports and historical sites; cities and beaches combine for ultimate weekend breaks; 300 days of sunshine per year; friendly locals, vibrant culture and economic living – it is hard to beat Spain as it has it all for me.

It is hard to explain the lifestyle but everywhere I have been everyone is more active and outdoorsy. Back in the UK most people suffice with a cuppa and the TV for activity but here walking, playing paddle, cycling you’ll see all ages of people enjoy.

The ambient temperatures are perfect for people with health problems and combining that with activity levels health is improved.

For me those things count too. Heading towards the big 50 making the move here was one of my best life decisions. I have met some very interesting people some of whom have reinvented themselves.

I have also noticed there is no real judgement here – sounds funny but no one cares here what car you drive or what job you do. In fact most people do more than one job to ensure they are working year round.

Everyone’s love affair with Spain is different. Tell me what yours has been.

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