Are you suffering from malnutrition?

By a certain age we have all formed foodie habits most of them bad. If you are suffering from brain fog, aching joints, drab hair and tired blotchy skin it would be fair to say you are missing some key nutrients.

The sad thing is that as we age our bodies lose the abilities the absorb vitamins and minerals it really needs to stave off old age. Even if you consider your diet is healthy combining the right foods to ensure optimal health can be hard.

Particularly from a female perspective heading towards and being in the menopause is a recipe for disaster with mood swings, foggy brain, aches and pains – you could be forgiven for thinking you are losing your mind.

The emotional and physical toll of being on this rollercoaster pushes some to become self-destructive with the ability to care for others but not themselves. Well I am here to tell you to stop and think. Listen to your body…what is it telling you?

Most women at this time of life need to supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals. Magnesium helps as it aids normal hormonal function. You’ll find it in Brazil nuts and almond and soya products.

Low levels of vitamin D cause aches and pains. You’ll find this naturally in fortified cereals. Calcium and zinc are good for healthy teeth and bones and a healthy immune system. Think eggs, meat, nuts.

B Vitamins and essential fatty acids are essential. Think nuts, seed oils and oily fish. Fluctuating hormones are aided by isoflavone-rich foods – think flax seeds and soya based products.

You simply cannot support a body with a breakfast of coffee, a sandwich for lunch and biscuits in the afternoon. Skipping meals is not the recipe for maintaining homeostasis so if you are struggling consider seeing a nutritionist or naturopath for a steer. I have a diploma in nutrition and I am always learning.

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