Hiring a car at Malaga Airport

Car hire in Spain can be a minefield unless you do a little research and that research is difficult when businesses in Spain don’t come equipped with the best or most informative websites.

Avoid the big boys like Avis, Europcar and MalagaCar as some of these along with the Centauro and Goldcar etc come with hefty credit card charges. Sure when you go and search for car rental there are some really great deals, but always read the terms and conditions as you need a credit card in the main drivers name and some of the charges held on those cards could be £800-1200 per vehicle.

Living here in Spain I have had to use a car hire company several times and for five weeks I used RecordGo at Malaga airport. This is a smaller car hire company based at the airport and they will allow you no deposit car hire. The is essential for some as is debit card car hire.

The process was simple and booking online I got a free second driver. Always take the Total Cover Insurance as that covers you for everything and ensures you can pay by debit card. The only other charge was for a fuel deposit. Some of this is returned when you take the car back full – they measure each 1/8th of the tank and reimburse accordingly.

Other hire companies that come highly recommended locally in Duquesa Port are Bruno’s Car Hire. Again this is a no hefty charge company where the price you see is the price you pay which is all important in travel budgeting.

Being on the Costa del Sol there is one thing to note. The smaller car hire companies don’t cover you for going into Gibraltar which is the norm for many of us that live here. You’ll have to park outside and walk across the border.

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