Buying a car in Spain


When you reach the point of your trusty old wheels finally giving up the ghost you’ve reached a turning point. My own trusty BMW managed the journey over here without a hitch but within weeks the old girl had started to overheat. She went in for a new radiator and hoses and seemed fine for just a week, then the overheating restarted.

The mechanic summised a new head gasket would be in order, but at 1000 euros that wasn’t really an option for this old girl. I still used her for small trips out locally and she was fine with just topping up the water. So it is bye bye BMW and hello Spain, what shall I do about my car?

Sadly, unless you are blessed with a nice little savings account buying a car for cash isn’t an option. When you are self employed too, financing said car isn’t an option. So, what to do? I guess my choices are driving another car over from the UK. At least in the UK you can pick up a reasonable banger for under £1000, in Spain you absolutely cannot.

In Spain I would only buy from a dealer that gave me a guarantee and sorted out the paperwork and transfers for the vehicle. Doing this you are really looking at needing 4/5000 euros at least to get a car you be paying probably £1200 in the UK.

Due to this I still believe it is easier to get a UK car and pay the import tax, plate changes and ITV than it is buying a car here in Spain. The Spanish really need to sort this aspect of living here out.  If we are all to be driving newer cars that are better for the environment then there should be schemes to allow people to do that.

I realise the scrappage scheme runs in different areas of the country if the budget is there for it, but there is definitely a gap in the market for those of us that don’t have a cash lump sum and don’t have two years residency for finance.

The rent to buy schemes look interesting but the reviews of some of the companies that run them means it is hard to trust them. I’d be interested to hear other peoples experiences as I often see posts on social media who are struggling too having to get to work.

Perhaps I should just give up and walk everywhere!

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