Why does your business need a blog?

There are many reasons businesses benefit from a blog, here are my top five.

1. It will increase your SEO ranking:

By creating and updating content on your blog regularly, you’re giving original content for search engines to index. If you provide relevant keywords based content, your SEO ranking could get a lift. Every time you create a new article, you’re essentially having a new web page in your site, this provides search engines with more possibilities to index and rank your website. Search engines love new and unique content.

2. Why Blog for Business:

Blogs which provide value to users generate leads for that business, as users start talking about you being an expert in your industry. Incorporating a call-to action in each blog is the perfect way to convert your incoming users list into leads. The call-to action could vary from filling out a form, calling a sales line or emailing you.

3. Convert leads into sales:

The objective of your content marketing activities is to generate revenue out of your target audience – blogs have the possibility to convert relevant leads into revenue generators and have the added benefit of being a low-cost avenue. A well-curated blog can serve as the brand’s voice along as a rich source of information about new items, services and cost propositions that the business has to offer to the consumers.

4. Blogging positions you as an expert:

Whenever you create and post unique, interesting and share-worthy content in your niche market, you are developing a clout of reliability around your company. Over time, your articles and opinion on various industry relevant topics becomes valuable and ingenious. Your customers will check the blog regularly once the see regular new content being added.

5. It is a direct line to your customers:

Your business blog is a superb way to communicate directly with your audience. Blogging gives you avenues to connect together with your site visitors through comments, feedback and questions. By proactively answering and engaging with your audience, you can develop a favourable rapport together; develop a relationship based on trust and gain insights into what your customers want helping you to grow your business.

A business blog is a cost-effective tool to enhance visitors to your site and generate engagement. It requires dedication and a structured approach as all things in business do but when you get it right you’ll start seeing the benefits.

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