Get ready for your summer holiday

Before our highly anticipated holidays we all have dreams about how we will look with sun-kissed skin, perfectly manicured nails, a flat stomach and waxed to perfection. Time is often our enemy when it comes to beauty so here is a schedule to help you look your best on your summer holiday.

4 weeks TO GO…
Zap the stretch marks: If the blood supply is still in the stretch mark (if they haven’t turned white), they can be treated through regular exfoliation and product use. Matis’ Restructuring Stretch Marks Cream comes highly recommended or you could try Bio Oil. If you are proud of those stretch marks though just leave them be. Cellulite: Although the most effective way to get rid of cellulite (‘orange peel’) is through a healthy diet, Chanel has produced a product to help this problem – Chanel’s Body Excellence Slim. Home remedies include dry brushing or try exfoliating with a mix of coffee grounds, sugar and melted coconut oil. Drink plenty of water too.

2 weeks TO GO…
Begin the de-bloat: Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins, about 2 litres a day, ditch the sugary and starchy foods and try to eat more naturally. Go out for walks if you can’t get to the gym or a class or perhaps swim. Cut out alcohol completely pre-holiday – it will make your whole body happy including your skin. Include more fruits, vegetables and wholegrains in your diet. Some other ingredients to include are Probiotics such as Acidophilus, peppermint, apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, ginger, fennel and camomile – you’ll find a lot of these in herbal teas and herbal supplement drinks/capsules so ditch your creamy coffee and go natural.

1 week to go…
Start scrubbing: Exfoliation is the key to slough off those dead skin cells that make your skin look lack lustre and dull. Especially important if you a thinking of applying a little fake tan. Exfoliation prepares your skin for the sun too and it is good practise to exfoliate every week throughout the summer. Try Body shop mango body scrub, St Ives apricot scrub jar or Soap & Glory ‘the scrub of your life smoothing body buffer’, or make your own natural version.

3 days to go…
Transform those tootsies: It is tempting to just slap a spot of polish on your toes, but it is much nicer to go for a pedicure and have a gel polish applied. It will last for around a month on your toes and a pedicure should be that little luxury you enjoy several times over the summer. For a home-style pedicure, first treat any dead skin using a pumice stone, or try something more thorough such as the Scholl micro pedi electric foot file. Apply a peppermint foot scrub to banish any impurities then bathe your feet in warm soapy water and moisturise with a rich peppermint or tea tree moisturiser.

2 days TO GO…
De-fuzz: Swimwear can be very revealing and this is the perfect time to go and have a little waxing or threading done professionally. Your skin will feel soft and fuzz free for weeks plus there is no need to pack that old razor. It is amazing how a waxed or threaded eyebrow correctly shaped can transform your face. Shellac time: Having those mitts buffed, scrubbed and shaped is an important part of any holiday ritual. Get a lovely, scuff resistant Shellac or other gel polish applied or even opt for the classic French polish – this will look gorgeous with your tan.

1 day TO GO…
Golden goddess: If you want your tan to be at its best, which is usually the first three days from your initial application, it is best to apply your fake tan as close to your holiday as possible. Remember to exfoliate prior to your application, and cover dry areas such as hands, elbows, knees and feet with moisturiser. Try Fake Bake Gold or if you want a more natural coverage then Shiseido Brilliant Bronze tinted self tanning gel. Alternatively, if you love the salon, just let a professional take the pain out of fake tanning for you.

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