Dilemmas, dilemmas


When you have been freelancing for so long sometimes the work can become a little boring. Clients pay late and make your life difficult or they over promise and under deliver. Quite often a client will not understand that their payment to you makes up your monthly wage.

I know many freelancers and these feelings are re-iterated with many just giving up their creativity for paid employment. Almost my dilemma too as all of the above have hit me at one time or another. People do not value unique content any more and apparently everyone is a writer.

So, is it best to give up the world of freelancing and take up these interviews and offers of employment just like everyone else with that added layer of security and being another cog in the wheel?

My trouble is that having left paid employment at a management level and having owned my own ten staff business before, is becoming one of the minions again going to be as satisfying as I am led to believe? Will my brain go to sleep and will my bottom be comfortable on that chair until the clock strikes 5.30 (or later in Spain/Gibraltar).

I labelled this blog under health and wellbeing as really mental health and stability is important to me. I also know many unhappy people in employment that see my lifestyle as the ideal and think I’d be crazy to step back into paid employment.

You see dilemmas, dilemmas this situation certainly has them. For smaller roles I have too much experience or in the case of one part time job they thought I’d be bored. Well I probably would but surely that is my burden to bear.

It would be nice to mix freelancing with paid employment just so I could see more people as being a freelancer is a lonely gig sometimes. I miss being part of a team but love being the master of my own destiny.

Let me know what you think or what experiences you’ve had.

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